Washington Parish Reservoir

Self serving Legislator Developers are proposing the desecration of 5 Cemeteries,
taking of Churches and Homes, to sell Lakefront lots and build Retirement homes.

Washington Parish Reservoir proposed for Recreation-Tourism by SCR 158
in 2001 was created by Senate Bill 475 Act 71 in 2003 Regular Session by
Sen. Jerry Thomas, Rep. Ben Nevers, and Rep. Mike Strain.

Michael L. Thompson traveling Reservoir salesman, and so-called Expert is
$100,000 a year Lake Director telling Reservoir Group “think big long term”.
Thompson’s crony, Denmon is site selection Engineer, and lake builder.

In Bogalusa Daily News Site work Rep. Francis Thompson spent 2 hours
using Poverty Point as a model to promote Washington Parish reservoir.
He said, “be prepared for opposition, and no property sized at Poverty Point”.
Mike Thompson said, “26 pieces of property taken by Eminent Domain”.
They say this and that.

Sen. Ben Nevers attending meeting with Thompson speaks on reservoir
amendments because of residents pressure, and Thompson’s House Bill 1136.

Sen. Jerry Thomas arrested at adult bookstore in Wrong place to shop and
disappoints his constituents.

Did Elected officials and Lake Commission influence, or know lake site to be
selected, and buying, or own land? Are the Thompson’s also involved?

Elected officials and Lake Commission may gain financially from the Reservoir.
Nevers was previous owner of businesses like COUNTRY STOP MARINE, LLC
Rumors say, “money borrowed, transferred to his son, and Bankruptcy filed”.

NEVERS ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING would benefit from building Lakefront
Retirement Communities. Ben Nevers Jr. owns dirt moving CALTHOM-LLC
La. tourism’s 2004 Website was promoting Washington Reservoir Retirement.

Sen. Nevers, and Lake Commission member Charles E. Mizell co-partner
ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS-LLC. An endless list of Corporations.

Reservoir Commissioner Louie Creel’s LANDWORKS-LLC is Choctaw
Landfill located at Site 2, the Oak Grove Community.

benefit from digging up graves of Cemeteries to be desecrated at Oak Grove.
Citizens guilty of desecration of a cemetery would be subject to a $500 fine
and six months in jail.

Washington Parish Act-71 has Retirement Communities section, but most
are copy and paste of others with broad powers to sue, be sued, tax, buy, sell,
create economic development corp. take property without asking by using
Expropriation, and Do and perform any and all things.

That is absolute power, which corrupts absolutely. It is no wonder La ranks 2nd
in political corruption, and maybe because Blanco says challenge criticism of state.
Is Governor wants to counter negative references to state allowing corruption?

Blanco and Comm. discuss Reservoir possibilities in Thompson’s Hometown.
Thompson and Denmon contributed to her campaign, and on transition team.
Gov. Blanco months later, sent residents a generic reply to their letters.

Jan 5th Site selection at Washington Economic Development Foundation with
Website saying, “Parish has abundant water supply”, a Lake site was chosen.

Comm. announced, “Residents may not speak, comment deadline extended,
but haven’t received any, and only scientific facts considered”.
Comm. refused registered letters 9 times, and wouldn’t meet with residents saying,
in pushing for the Reservoir “We will not be ruled by emotion, and praying for
divine guidance”. Wealthy developers pray to a green god named money.

Reservoir site named is site 2 the Oak Grove Community with Churches and
ancestral homes to be taken, and possible 5 of 11 Cemeteries be desecrated.
Sierra Club Press Release reassured residents Sierra Club will fight reservoir.

On Mar 3rd Lawsuit filed, and Washington Parish Reservoir District sued for
violation of open meeting law.

Reservoir hearing Tuesday May 3rd and 4th, residents lose first round.
Judge dismisses lawsuit by ruling the13 Witness testifying and hundreds people
present were emotional, heard wrong, and can’t believe what’s in Newspapers.

In an attempt to appease residents, and save face, Sen. Nevers in 2005 files
Senate-Bill 278, and Rep. Ritchie also file House-Bill 518 to limit Land Grab.
After Lake is built, an Economic Development Corp can still take property.

At Transportation Committee Hearing on May 17th is Rep. Ritchie in Funeral
Business heard laughing about digging up graves
in Oak Grove Community?
One ancestral Cemetery has over 300 graves, and veterans of many wars.

Nevers testified June 1st Transportation hearing reservoir is wanted and needed.
Bogue Chitto State Park already has10 lakes, and receiving $ 13,990,000 in 2005.

Residents spoke in opposition, in order to go on record because of no public input.
Information on 11 Cemeteries submitted included civil war veterans buried in
Rester Cemetery, and Petition with over 1100 names against Reservoir.

Nevers and Ritchie say, “they want the Reservoir for Recreation, and Economic
Development of building Lakefront homes”, but are unable to answer when asked,
“name jobs created other than a few minimum wage and temporary construction”.

Nevers, Ritchie, and Lake Comm. need to consider, Unchristian taking of homes,
Churches, desecration of Cemeteries, and stop “coveting thy neighbor’s house”.

Washington Parish doesn’t need this Reservoir, and State’s Budget can’t afford it.
It’s all about Land speculation, Politics, Money, and Corruption.

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