Morehouse Parish Reservoir

New Morehouse Reservoir Created Sen. Bill 829 ACT 233 in 2003 by
Rep. Francis C. Thompson, Sen. Robert J. Barham, and Rep. Charles Mcdonald.

A $10,000 Local Match with $670,000 Payable from General Obligation Bonds.
Capital outlay 2005 lists $750,000 for New Morehouse Reservoir, and $500,000
for Plum Crest Lake. Is this a mistake or is there 2 new Reservoirs?

News 1/28/05 Gov. Blanco Appoints Lake Commission Members, and
Mike Thompson is the $100,000 a year Lake Consultant.

Richard Patrick on Lake Comm. is with Macon Ridge Economic Development,
and also President of Morehouse Economic Development Corporation.
Patrick seems to be involved with the Thompson's and moving from Ferriday to
Delhi with Hammett furious over move.

Foes of proposed reservoire hope to have voice, meet and organize on 3/16/05.
Lake foes voice concerns before parish Police Jury on 4/13/05.

Sen. Bill 47 by SEN. BARHAM 2005 Regular Session Amends Legislation
because of Residents pressure about Thompson House Bill 1136.

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