Lincoln Parish Reservoir

Created House Bill 123 by Rep.DOWNS & GALLOT Regular Session 2005. Reservoir group meets Feb 08, 2005, and Lincoln reps to propose lake.

Michael L. Thompson, traveling Lake Salesman promoted Lake, and seemed
to be able to fool Rep. Downs, but wasn't able to fool all the people.
Mike Thompson By any means necessary didn't fool The Ruston Daily Leader.

Former Sen. Bill Jones says, "Sparta Aquifer needs help-not in the form of lakes",
and Jones concerned over HB123.

Aquifer situation needs truthful help , and Lincoln reservoir opinions sought,
but Rep. Downs doesn't seem to be listening to his constitutents.
Downs seems to be listening to the Thompsons, and fooling himself by supporting House Bill 388 that will prevent action to save the Sparta Aquifer.

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