Jackson Parish Reservoir

Created House Bill 596 2005 regular session by Rep. Jim Fannin, D-Jonesboro.
Fannin seems to be one of Thompson's Reservoir dogs.

Thompson's gang is using Sparta Aquifer as an excuse to build Reservoirs, and
seems to want the Aquifer problem to continue.

The gang created House Bill 388 Act 225 changing sparta's critical label to an
area of ground water concern, and preventing action to save Aquifer.
They seem to be using political correct labels to fool themselves.

Authors of HB388 are Fannin, Sen. Bob Kostelka, R-Monroe, and co-authors
on other Reservoirs with Thompson are Rep.Walsworth Ouachita Reservoir, and
Rep. Charles Mcdonald of Morehouse Reservoir.
Rep. Hollis Downs of Lincoln Reservoir also supported legislation

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