Claiborne Parish Reservoir

Providing for the Claiborne Parish Watershed were House Bill 950 ACT 390
in 2004, and HB280 in 2005 by Rep. GALLOT.

Rep. Gallot is co-author of Lincoln Reservoir, but now seems to be listening to
his constitutents by asking Gov. Blanco to veto Sparta label bill 388 in 2005.

Claiborne Parish Middlefork Reservoir Feasibility Study and Planning Payable
from General Obligation Bonds of $ 100,000 in 2003 and 2004.

Job deficit prompts migration, and a continuing decline in Population.
Poverty Point Lake a failure because Lakes don't produce jobs, but some folks
seem to be smoking something, and had A Vision For A Better Tomorrow.

"With tourism and retirement as basic industries we wish to attract them as
permanent residents.
Each retired couple is equivalent to securing three new factory jobs.
We have the potential to construct as many as 10 additional lakes to impound
water runoff from approximately two thirds of the watershed area in the parish."
What have they been smoking?

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