Caldwell Parish Reservoir

Bayou DeChene Reservoir Created House Bill 1635 Act 1135 of 1995 by
Sen. Thompson, and Rep. Ellington with Michael L. Thompson as Lake Director.

From 1995 to Sept 4, 2003 $6,350,000.00 was spent to get to the permit stage.
On Sept 19, 2003 Rep. Lelon Kenney and Michael Thompson presented
L.D.W.F a check for 793,100 to pay for litigation of land taken.

What happened with the other $5,556,900.00 dollars for this small 1100 acre lake. Thompson salary is about $100,000 a year x 9 = $900,000. Denmon says the overall project is estimated to cost approximately $12 million dollars.

Caldwell lake work may begin next year July 18, 2004
Plan would put 4,000 acres to use By Robbie Evans
Construction on northeastern Louisiana's newest lake could begin as early as next year. Once land acquisition is completed, construction on the project could likely begin in 2005, said environmental consultant Mike Thompson of Delhi. "We're still finishing up survey work for the...

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