Allen Parish Reservoir

Allen Parish Reservoir created 1st Extraordinary Session 2002, House
Bill 156 Act 163, by Rep. Hill, Sen. Hines, & Rep. Francis C. Thompson
with Michael L. Thompson as Lake Director, and Denmon Engineering.

On May 25, 2004 Pros, cons of new lake discussed at Police Jury meeting.
Many attending knew nothing of reservoir, and Lake Commission building had
to be bird-dogged because public notices of meeting were not printed.

Upset Residents attended June1, 2004 meeting were told, no property taken at
Poverty Point Reservoir, but news article showed 26 pieces of property taken.
Public notices were finally published for 2003 and 2004 on July 15, 2004.

The proposed sites united, and created Community Preservation Alliance.
On July 19, 2004 Lake Development would ruin Creeks generated interest, and
a press release was arranged. American Press Residents upset over Lake, and
Town Talk Up a Creek Under a Lake is Articles by attending Newspapers.

The C.P.A proposed and voted to start an investigation into the Reservoir.

Reading Town Talk article, 73 year old Ouachita Parish resident contacted
C.P.A, and attended meeting. Her property at Choudrant was 1 of 11 sites, and
battled with Michael Thompson in 1999. Thompson, traveling Lake Salesman
is back again promoting more Lakes in Ouachita and Lincoln Parish.

Conferring with Elona Weston of Lake Charles American Press, Who also
did more investigation, Army Corps to make recommendation on Reservoir site,
Alliance Alleges Wrongdoing, Concerns over proposed reservoirs voiced, and
Hill: Reservoir not worth destroying homes was resulting articles.
On day of last Article C.P.A. Letter to Gov. Blanco was emailed to Gov. Blanco,
every office at capitol, and all Legislators in Louisiana.

Two days later C.P.A was notified of selection, Reservoir Plan expected today,
and Least Objectionable site picked for Allen reservoir.
Terry Denmon of Denmon Engineering said, “Mill Creek was the best choice
for reservoir, and he was staking his reputation on it”.

C.P.A contacted Washington Parish Residents as Francis Thompson promoted
Site work, and Reservoir group told to think big, long term by so-called
Expert Thompson who is now Lake Director with Denmon as Engineer.

Sierra Club joins effort to stop proposed man-made lake, Allen and Washington
Parish attended L.E.A.N conference on10/02/04 with Darryl Malek-Wiley, and
Randy Lancot. Wildlife group wants Blanco to rethink Lake Proposition, and
has sent L.W.F Letter, and L.W.F. Resolution to Gov. Blanco.

Sierra Club Resolution adopted by Delta Chapter Sierra Club Oct 17, 2004.
On 10/29/04 Sierra Club chapter opposes proposed lakes in American Press,
and Sierra Club also sent a letter to Gov. Blanco to review Reservoir policy.

Cash Budget 2005 is $38,903.38 with Thompson’s girlfriend from Delhi
receiving $9,000 to keep minutes of about 3 meetings a year, and $25,403.38
for Miscellaneous. Items like paper clips? Total Expenses is exactly $38,903.38.

It seems $800,000 wasn’t enough, and Denmon did more testing on Mill Creek
in spring of 2005. Thompson said, “May file for permit in September”.

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